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Grid Guardian’s groundbreaking semi-permanent armor systems are designed by ex Defense Department ballistics experts to protect the nation’s most critical assets.

bullet resistant

Field Shield

The Field Shield is a passive armor system that is designed to be installed by site service teams as complete systems or partial barricades. Through the use of battle proven engineering and material applications, the Field Shield Family of products can be configured to meet the demands of virtually any site location. The primary use cases were utility-scale power management and distribution networks, high-visibility public facilities, and commercial off-grid power generation sites. Each piece of the system is designed with our Patent Pending “Wave Guide Technology” which was developed to promote air flow while defeating hi power ballistic threats.

The Field Shield consists of three main components, _Sentry_Pivot, and  _Flex and boasts an expected life cycle exceeding 30+ years of active service with zero recommended maintenance requirements. 

Increase in attacks from 2021 to 2022 according to analysis by North American Electric Reliability Corp.
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Reports of attacks, vandalism, and suspicious activity in 2022 by the Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center
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Protecting the Nation's Most Critical Assets

U.S. Military Grade Armor meeting NIJ-Level III, CEN B6 and STANAG threat defeat

Ventilated with Wave Guide Technology


Third Party Tested

Ability to position as close as 4 feet to critical asset

Maintenance Free

Simple to Install

Wave Technology

Enhancing air flow while directing projectiles and fragments away from critical devices

Semi Permanent

The units come with empty ballast bases for convenient unloading, ease of use and setup 


Certified to exceed 200mph straight line wind speeds and 100k psi internal/external wind pressure

Threat Defeat

.308/7.62x51 NATO/5.56 M193/223/.30 Caliber. Ballastic protection NIJ-III/CEN B6+/STANAG Level 2

Maintenance Free

Expected 30+ year life cycle and worry free operational use with zero recommended maintenance 

Compliance and Certification

All ballistic testing on Grid Guardian products is conducted in accordance with ARL procedures and oversight. Our bullet-resistant armor is U.S Military Grade and meets additional standards including NIJ-Level III, CEN B6, and STANAG Compliance. The Field Shield family of products meets CIP-014 standards and IEEE/NEC grounding requirements. 

Our Factory and Production

Grid Guardian Armor Products are built using ITAR-controlled US-MIL-A-46100 steel armor, available exclusively to domestic customers within the United States and actively occupied US territories only.

100% American Sourced and Manufactured Armor

Live well protected.

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