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Field Shield

All Field Shield components are constructed from domestically sourced steel armor, Mil-A-46100 which is an ITAR controlled material. Welding is certified to MIL-STD-278/NAVSEA and TACOM/TARDEC D1.1 standards. Current ballistic profiles are offered in standard configuration to survive NIJ-III and or CEN B6 testing protocols. These systems boast an expected life cycle exceeding 30 years in the field with zero maintenance requirements.

Field Shield _Sentry

The Field Shield_Sentry, represents the primary component of our groundbreaking site configurable solution. Sentry is a ballasted straight wall segment that can function as a standalone solution or be built up with additional segments to form complete wall systems. Sentry is shipped empty and intended to be ballast filled with gravel or concrete, depending on specific site requirements. Additionally, like all of the Field Shield components, various ground tether mounting locations are able to accept a multitude of anchor positions.

Field Shield _Pivot

The Field Shield_Pivot manages all corner interfaces and support legs. Standard mounting conditions and hardware are used for assembly. The Pivot is a 90 degree corner segment only.

Field Shield _Flex

The Field Shield_Flex was designed as an optional straight wall segment and is intended to be flanked by _Sentry units.

Field Shield _XL

The Field Shield_XL is an extra long straight wall system that offers an additional 2.5ft of height for added protection.

Field Shield _XLT

The Field Shield_XLT offers an additional 4.5 ft of height, extending up to 17 ft. The _XLT is made up of three pieces with additional ground supports.

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